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Last updated: 06-03-2017

Housing in Nancy

Addition to individuals, many organizations in Nancy can assist you in finding housing.
Examples such as:

  • Le CROUS : 75 rue de Laxou à Nancy – Résidence de Brabois (10 minutes walk from the ENSG)

  • MGEL, 44 cours Léopold à Nancy
    Provides housing offers to its members, from private owners, real estate agencies partner, and manages 3  apartments block (blocks « Le Major », « Les Grand Moulin » in Nancy and « Jean Jaures » in Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy).

  • MMHabitat

  • Batigère

Going out in Nancy

Nancy is full of places to visit and touristic sites, you can get information on each location on the website of l'Office du Tourisme de Nancy or on the website of Tourisme Meurthe-et-Moselle

You will also have the opportunity to go shopping in the streets of Nancy ( Les Vitrines de Nancy ) or in the shopping center Le Saint Séb'.

Want to party, to go out to restaurants or for a drink? All the informations and tips are on Mon pti doi, Nancy By NightNancy Stan or Nancy curieux.