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Last updated: 11-01-2017

A dynamic student life at ENSG sets the tempo for its academic life. The many clubs and associations offer activities that not only give you the chance to catch up with fellow students, get away from it all and have fun, but are also an opportunity to experience solidarity and team-spirit to develop a spirit of initiative, and to truly open yourself up to the world.

Leisure activities

Bureau des élèves / Student Office

The Bureau des élèves is an organization that takes charge of students’ free-time. Through the assorted activities of clubs and associations, the Bureau des élèves promotes exchanges among the students and different School associations.

Bureau des sports / Sports Office

The Bureau des sports is responsible for obtaining the FNSU (National Federation of University Sports) licence for the students. While ENSG has its own sports teams, for fans of sports that are a little less mainstream, the SIUAP (university sports association) offers a host of activities, from rock-climbing to canoeing and tennis to subaqua hockey, ensuring that you’ll find something to ignite your sporting passions.

Bureau des Arts / Arts Office

The Arts Office supports the cultural activities and the development of ENSG’s groups and societies (Cinema, Theatre, Choir, Improvisation) while informing students of the artistic and cultural events of Nancy and its surroundings. The Arts Office also organizes every year the great Arts Week and, thanks to its many partnerships (National Opera of Lorraine, the concert hall L’Autre Canal, the Manufacture Theatre, the Nancy Jazz Pulsations Festival...), everyone finds his happiness beside the studies!

Géol au ski

Géol au ski organises an annual one-week ski trip, open to students in all years of study!

Géol'Explo Mines (GEM)

The GEM association organizes a study-trip for students taking the option in Engineering and Mineral Resource Management (génie et gestion des ressources minerals).

Le Foyer

Le Foyer organizes a number of student social events and parties which guarantee a lively atmosphere. The Foyer is also the name for the student common room, which, with its drinks and snack machines, table-football and card games, is THE place to go to relax and unwind. 

Vocational activities

The ADN - Agroalimentaire Développement Nancy

The ADN is a joint ENSG-ENSAIA Junior-Enterprise association through which students can undertake projects in companies all over the world in the fields of geology or food and agriculture.

In parallel, the association organises company-visits for students from the two schools.


ISF - Ingénieurs sans frontières / Engineers without borders

Everywhere from Togo to The Comores, the ISF organizes humanitarian missions in countries all over the world.


The 4L Trophy

The 4L Trophy is a rally-raid with a humanitarian goal, in which the competing teams drive from France to Morocco in Renault 4L cars. Two students from the School take part each year with the aim of defending access to education for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The EDHEC Boat Cup (Course-Croisère EDHEC)

An annual sailing race involving 3,000 students from around the world, competing in three trophy events:

  • Sea Trophy: 170 boats race each other along coastal and tactical courses
  • Land Trophy: 150 teams battle it out in a one-week multi-sports challenge
  • Sand Trophy: Around 50 teams compete against each other in a beach-sports tournament (beach soccer or sandball)

24H de Stan

Once every two years, students from all of Nancy’s schools and universities take part in the ‘24H de Stan’, a human-powered ‘chariot’ marathon in which the student teams spend 24 hours racing their chariots around laps of the famous Stanislas Square.

The INPL raid

A night-time sporting scavenger hunt in the forest near Lake Pierre Percée.