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Last updated: 10-02-2014

LEMTA: Theoretical and Applied Energetics and Mechanics Laboratory

LEMTA is an INP-University of Lorraine research laboratory affiliated to CNRS. It employs around 150 people, including 50 research and academic staff, and is heavily involved in research-based student training.

Its main activities concern:

  • Understanding the behaviour and laws of certain complex fluids and materials;
  • Understanding and optimising momentum, heat and matter transfer phenomena;
  • The conception and implementation of measurement and data exploitation tools.
  • Modelling of behaviour under real conditions and their approximation with numerical or analytical codes.

The research is led by nationally and internationally renowned teams and focuses on three scientific areas:

  • Fluid dynamics
  • Fluid mechanics and energetics in real situations
  • Thermo-mechanics of heterogeneous media

LEMTA drives important industrial collaborations with major national organisations (e.g., EDF, Valéo, Renault, Dassault, Aérospatiale), and firms from the fabric of the Lorraine region.

The Laboratory is linked to the main research bodies (IRSID,CEA, ONERA, INSERM, ENGREF, INRA) and is strongly committed to international collaboration through European contracts, hosting foreign researchers and lecturers, and inter-university co-operations (in Sweden, England, Canada and China, for example).