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Last updated: 10-02-2014

The GéoRessources Laboratory (UMR 7359) unites the majority of Nancy’s forces in applied geology from Sections 35, 36 and 60 of CNU and Sections 18 and 30 of CNRS. GéoRessources is a joint University of Lorraine-INSU-CREGU research laboratory, with a secondary attachment to INSIS. GeoRessources employs almost 180 people, more than 100 of which are permanent members of staff (44 technical & administrative support staff, 60 researchers & lecturers).

Research activity at GeoRessources is driven by seven teams who conduct research under three themes. The ‘Geochemical and Geological Models’ and ‘Multi-scale Hydrogeomechanics’ teams carry out research under the theme of ‘GeoModels’; the ‘Carbon Resources’, ‘Mineral Resources’ and ‘Resource and Waste Treatment’ research teams work alongside each other under the theme of ‘Raw Materials’; and finally, the ‘Geological Storage and Geothermal Power’ and ‘Geomaterials, Structures and Risks’ teams work within the ‘Geosystems’ theme of anthropogenic use of the geological environment.

GeoRessources is a member of the OSU OTELo, the ICEEL Carnot Institute, the Ressources21 Labex and the IEED GéoDénergies. The teaching team is made up of 50 lecturer-researchers from ENSG, EMN, the University of Lorraine Geosciences Department, and three other institutions.

The GeoRessources Laboratory relies on two transfer centres, ASGA and CREGU, who facilitate relations with our industrial partners. AREVA and TOTAL (who fund the CREGU research laboratory) became involved with GéoRessources through CREGU. Other industry partners were already linked to us through their participation in the GOCAD consortium and the STEVAL project. The EPIC Public Industrial and Commercial Establishments (BRGM, INERIS, ANDRA, IFPen, IFREMER) have also expressed an interest in developing partnerships, and the INERIS Lorraine office is located at the GeoRessources site at the Ecole des Mines.