CRPG Petrographic and Geochemical Research Centre

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Last updated: 26-09-2016

CRPG (Centre de Recherches Pétrograpiques et Géochimiques) is a research laboratory attached to the OTELo Lorraine Earth and Environment Observatory. It conducts research which relies strongly on analytical and experimental instrumentation in isotope geochemistry, petrology and 3D modelling.

The leading platform for geochemistry in France, CRPG research activities focus on three main themes: 

  • Cosmochemistry
  • Magma and deep fluids
  • The Earth’s surface

CRPG is involved in the analysis of the latest extraterrestrial samples brought back by the NASA missions, and, through ANR and ERC projects, it is also engaged in the study of the formation of the solar system, the primitive Earth environment and the Earth’s evolution.