CRAN Research Centre for Automatic Control

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Last updated: 09-04-2015

Created in 1980, the Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy is a joint research laboratory at the University of Lorraine. CRAN also hosts researchers from the Institut de Cancérologie de Lorraine (Lorraine Institute of Oncology). The Laboratory comprises 82 research and academic staff, 1 CNRS researcher, 3 researchers from CAV, 8 post-docs, 70 doctoral students and 21 engineers, technicians and administrative staff.

Scientific research at CRAN is structured around five themes:

  • Ambient production systems (SYMPA)
  • Automatic control - system observation and control (ACOS)
  • Identification, restoration, imaging and signal processing (IRIS)
  • Reliability and system diagnosis (SURFDIAG)
  • Health engineering (IPS)

The Laboratory also develops activities which cut across these themes in the fields health engineering and system reliability. The research themes, which are founded on the concepts of signals, dynamic systems, information and decisions, incorporate both technical and natural systems and have an impact that is therefore as much societal as it is economic.