Doctoral studies

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Last updated: 22-01-2019

The doctorate is an education largely based on scientific and professional laboratory experience. It is combined with modules in scientific and professional development.

RP2E Doctoral School

For the training of its doctoral students, ENSG is linked to the « Resources Products Processes Environment Doctoral School ».

Comprising 24 laboratories, the RP2E Doctoral School is highly cross-disciplinary in nature and approach. The doctoral research activities encompass the complete lifecycles of energy and mineral and biological matter with respect to Man and the Environment.

Doctoral research is conducted within the RP2E Doctoral School; often in collaboration with industry, one of the ENSG laboratories, the INP University of Lorraine, or another university in France or abroad (e.g., the USA, Canada).
Within ENSG and its associated laboratories, more than 60 lecturer-researchers and CNRS researchers are qualified to supervise research projects.

Entry requirements: Holders of a Masters degree (or DEA)Duration: 3 years