Continuing Education

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Last updated: 10-02-2014

Continuing Education at ENSG refers to courses that are intended for individuals who left academia after completion of their initial university training.

The degree programmes on offer allow those who have already started their professional careers to gain the training necessary to enable them to develop their skills or adapt to new technology in industry.

Specialised Masters: Waste management, treatment and recovery.

This one-year specialised Masters degree, accredited by the CNGE, aims to prepare students and professionals to become future project leaders in the field of waste management. The course allows participants to gain specialised technical skills in the prevention, collection, treatment and reprocessing of solid waste.

Career destinations for graduates include:

  • Environment managers in SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises and industries);
  • Environment-waste managers in Engineering departments
  • Senior operations managers at urban or industrial waste-processing plants;
  • Waste project-managers in consular organisations;
  • Engineers or senior managers in local authorities or public utilities companies.

All students follow a core curriculum before specialising in one of two options:

  • Urban waste
  • Industrial waste

Entry requirements: Diplôme d’Ingénieur or Masters degree with 3 years’ professional experience. Duration: One academic year and completion of an industrial project undertaken in enterprise.

Diplôme de Hautes Etudes Technologiques: Environmental Management

This one-year course is designed to train individuals who have a 4-year university degree or equivalent and a solid professional background for senior technical positions in industries that specialise in environmental issues.

The candidates’ goal is to gain the skills and abilities needed to drive environmental initiatives and manage projects aimed at developing environmental technology.

Entry requirements: A 2-year university-level diploma (e.g., BTS, DUT or HND) and 3 years’ relevant professional experience (in industry or quality), or a 4-year degree (e.g., Bachelor + Master 1) and 1 year’s relevant professional experience (in industry or quality).

Duration: One year including a 4-month industry placement.