Work-placements and Projects

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Last updated: 08-04-2014

Throughout their studies at ENSG, the students undertake regular work-placements in companies in France or abroad. 

The placements present an opportunity for industries and companies to meet the students who might one day become their future engineers. 

The calendar for student work-placements is presented below.


If you would like to host one of our students or submit a work-placement offer, please email the Office for Industrial Partnerships (direction du partenariat industriel), which manages contact between students and professionals.

 Cursus Minimum Duration Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sep. Oct.
1st year 4 weeks*                                 
2nd year 12 weeks                                    
3rd year 16 weeks                                 
Masters 16 weeks                             

*1st year placements are optional but strongly advised.