The skills of our engineers

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Last updated: 27-01-2014

Are you looking for an engineer with multi-disciplinary skills, who is able to harness their understanding of the physics and chemistry of the Earth for the observation and interpretation of associated complex phenomena?

ENSG engineers can do all of this. They also have the skills in mechanics, information technology, law, and economics to successfully drive projects and to model natural phenomena.

Our engineers acquire skills across many different Geoscience disciplines: 


  • understanding of hydrological systems
  • protection of aquifers
  • water treatment
  • water management 
Environment :

  • storage and stabilisation of industrial and nuclear waste
  • decontamination and site remediation
  • recycling of industrial and domestic waste
  • natural and industrial risk prevention
Energy and Mineral Resources:

  • searching for new deposits, new energy sources or other useful non-energy substances
  • optimising natural resource exploitation
  • safety of exploration and extraction equipment installations

Geotechnics and Planning:

  • site reconnaissance
  • conception of civil engineering and environmental projects
  • construction management

On completion of their training, our engineers are true “Earth doctors”, able to establish accurate diagnoses and provide appropriate care.

Finally, our engineers are respectful of the rules of sustainable development and are able to incorporate economic and social constraints in a range of areas:

  • Hydrocarbon resources
  • Mineral resources
  • Water resources
  • Civil engineering or regional planning
  • Storage and management of waste in mineral environments
  • Storage or production of energy in mineral environments
  • Protection or restoration of natural environments