BTS, Masters and Doctorates

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Last updated: 10-02-2014

Higher Technical Certificate (Brevet de Techniciens Supérieur or BTS)

Undertaken at the Ecole nationale supérieure de géologie, the BTS TSGA (technicien supérieur en géologie appliqué – a higher technical certificate in applied geology), is managed by the lycée LORITZ of Nancy.

Available to holders of a baccalauréat or its equivalent. Contact the lycée LORITZ for admissions enquiries.

Registration opens in January each year on the Post-bac website.


The Masters degree is for students who already hold a licence (the French equivalent of the Bachelors degree, obtained after 3 years of study in the BMD system). Admission to the first year of the Masters programme is based on the application and/or an interview.

For students that have already obtained a Master 1 (after 4 years of study), special tracks are available for direct entry to Year 2 of the Masters programme.

Please see the Courses pages to consult the application procedures for each Masters degree and download the relevant application forms.

Doctoral studies (PhD)

To continue studies at doctoral level, applicants must hold a Master 2 degree (or DEA).