ENSG is France's leading Grande École in Geosciences

Ever since 1908, we have been producing geo-engineering graduates who possess strong natural observation skills and a thorough understanding of the chemistry and physics of the Earth and its hydrological systems. Our geological engineers are also trained in the fields of mechanics, information technology, law and economics, giving them a unique set of skills to bring to the tasks and projects they are involved in. 

Throughout their studies, the students take a wide range of Geoscience courses and have the opportunity to specialize in subjects from among 8 options, helping them determine the direction of their future careers.

Looking for a reason to choose ENSG? Here are ten!

  1. A school which ranks among the top engineering schools in France.
  2. Diverse opportunities across all the Geoscience fields.
  3. Rapid recruitment of graduates by the biggest companies in France and overseas.
  4. An extensive network of industry partners.
  5. Student-centred teaching and open learning.
  6. International vision and culture.
  7. A dynamic cultural and academic environment.
  8. Research laboratories renowned for excellence in their fields.
  9. A thriving student life.
  10. Nancy, a vibrant city just 90 minutes from Paris by TGV.

News from the School (french)

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